Sustainable Seeds

Sustainable Seeds

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Sustainable Seeds are all Organic, packaged in sustainable products and UK manufactured

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Sustainable Seeds offer Organic, Plastic Free Packaged UK seeds.  No imports even down to the packaging all UK produced.

Sustainable Seeds


The Journey to being a top organic seed supplier for the UK

As a child in the 1970’s I watched my Father grow all manner of vegetables in our garden and I look back with fond memories of him tending to them and then my Mother trying to persuade my brother and I to eat the produce!  In these memories I do not recall any plastic, it was wooden or metal planting tools, jute string, bamboo canes and paper bags of seed.

As an adult I started to grow along with my father again on our smallholding and have kept the ethos of plastic free, sourcing loose seed from a local nursery and using the old tools my father still has from my childhood.

We have had good years and bad, potatoes have always been a huge success and bountiful but cabbage has always been our nemesis and often fed the caterpillars rather than us.

Unfortunately our local nursery was compulsory purchased by HS2 in 2020 leading me on this journey to sourcing plastic free seeds and in a light bulb moment Sustainable Seeds was born.

We are still evolving, learning by our mistakes and striving for the best organic seed and packaging possible, always open to constructive criticism and seeking new ideas.

We would love our customers to come on this journey with us and see your gardens throughout the growing season and we will aim to keep you updated on our patch.




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